Just who are the Jesuits anyway?

Posted: Thursday March 14 2013 in Lent

This is a very curious day for Jesuits! The election of Jorge Bergoglio SJ as Pope Francis has thrown us all in a spin, with a great variety of reactions and opinions as people come to terms with what it means to have global attention on our Society.  Answering a journalist’s questions on Irish language radio brings me back to the heart of what I value about being a Jesuit and challenges me to express it as clearly as I can. That’s a good exercise!

Meanwhile, today’s Gospel…

Today’s reading from John’s gospel calls us to recognise some compass points we might choose to orientate our lives:

  • What we learn from the witness and opinion of people we respect?
  • Can we recognise and trust in the activity of God’s Spirit in our lives, seeing in our own actions how it is that God works through us?
  • Can we see that it is not just in our activity which matters to God: who we are as critical – God’s Spirit dwells within us
  • What do we hear on the scriptures as we remain in continuing dialogue with God who calls us into relationship, who tells the story of our lives?

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